Sunday, August 07, 2011

My Experiences with Sudershan-Kriya

I practise Sudershan-Kriya. And everytime I get a very-very-good experience through it. "So-Hum So-Hum" the beats go on and I keep breathing in that rhythm. The purpose of my blog here is not to describe the process of Sudershan Kriya, 'cause that you need to learn at Art-Of-Living (AOL) itself under the guidance of their faculties, by doing a course at AOL. My purpose is to describe the effects.

Everytime I do it, I find enormous energy within me being dissipated and at the same time generated. My hands start beating on my laps. I start waving to-and-fro. When I do it, the experience I get is similar to what we had studied in Indian Mythology, called as 'Tandav Nrutya' of Lord Shankar - only the difference being that the Nrutya (dance) that I do is in a sitting position. In the slow pace of So-Hum beats, with my eyes closed I see the shape of a 'Panti' (lamp that we lit in Diwali). And my hands wave like a panti. These are all natural and involutary effects which keep happening and I don't have to force to make them happen. And the most interesting part is that even though my hands keep beating and waving, I never get an injury 'cause my mind goes in some other state but still it is aware of the surroundings
(i.e. it is in present tense at the same time).

And when I finish it, and keep calm in a sitting position, I feel like waving, I keep waving-waving just like a bird in skies!! And feel like these moments never end!

After that I go into Shavasan till I don't feel like getting up. And once I get up and open my eyes, I feel energy even in my eyes, what we call as 'Tej'!!

Such are my self experiences with Sudershan Kriya, you'll also get similar positive experiences; so go and learn it at AOL (Art Of Living)!!

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