Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Line Menu

Lets get started with the menus. Lets consider Draw menu first.

In Draw, there are 3 main options. Line, Circle and Arc drawing.

In Line there are 12 sub-menus. That means there are 12 ways in which you can draw a line. Which to select, depends on your requirement.

Lets look at Line Using Two Points option. In this, first you click on any point on the screen. And then a line is drawn from that point to the point where your mouse is hovering. Its a Magenta line. It gives you a feel of how your line will look after you select the second point.

After you click second point, the final line is drawn in Green color. You can also see through which points the line was drawn in the botton White text area. There you see the
Point selected: x,y text which tells the point which you selected on screen.

We can also draw line by directly entering its co-ordinates in the White text-box in the bottom.
For example, to draw line from (0,0) to (100,100) we enter the points as shown in the following image and the line is drawn.

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