Monday, August 10, 2009

Back with MyCam!!

Hello Friends!! I am back again after a long~ gap! Why didn't I blog in the meantime? Simple.. 'cause I couldn't blog... there was nothing to blog! So, there was silence!

But now, I am back... with full energy. This time I have a lot to show and talk. In fact there's lot to show. What will I show? Only that which is created can be shown. So, here I am... to show you my creation. Its My Cam!! I mean MyCam!!

Whats this MyCam? Nothing!! Simply call it as yet another PaintBrush program! But there is lot more beyong PaintBrush that my program has to do. What's that? You'll come to know.

MyCam is nothing but a CAD+CAM software developed by me. CAD means Computer Aided Design and CAM means Computer Aided Manufacturing. In the CAD part, you draw things. And in the CAM part, you produce what you have drawn using a machine.

Basically whatever you draw in my software can be given as an input to CNC machine which will cut the material as per the drawing and give you what you wanted: your job.

Let me explain my software starting with the CAD part. The CAD part of MyCam consists of operations like Drawing, Modifying, Transforming, Editing, Connecting of profiles. Profile means whatever drawing you draw on the screen of MyCam.

The side screen-shot shows the basic screen that is shown as soon as you open MyCam. There are menus like File, Edit, View, Draw, Modify, Transform, Connect, etc.

Basic Drawing Screen

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