Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The two faces of the world

The world that we see around is confusing. Confusing because throughout our life, we are being dragged and drifted by all sorts of forces, philosophies, ideologies and what not. During our childhood days, things were simple, 'cause our purpose was just one: school, school and only school. Whatever the teacher says, we just follow. In our teenages, things become a little complicated, since the scolding goes down, and we are set free and its "we" who decide what to study, when to study, what our interests should be, etc. And once the golden teens and the sweet college days are over, and when we need to show our competency in the real world which is full of competition, then we come across situations like,"To be or not to be?" and "Which path do I choose? The Right one or the Left one?"

There are all sorts of people around us, each one different in his/her own way. Each one successful in some way or the other. Immitating or following others' footsteps is quite natural. And in fact, immitating is the first step towards mastering a whole new process.

But still, there remains lots-lots more to be thought about, to be questioned, to be pondered upon, to be interrogated and to be investigated! As I said before, the real world is far-far different than the one which sparkles in our eyes. The glamour and glitter which we see has the power to attract us, but do we really reach our destination? Or rather, does that sparkling thing (call it as a star) really defines our destination? Does that star solve our daily need of bread-and-butter? And if it does, then where does it finally lead us to? Do we just keep sitting at the same place admiring the star year after year? Or does that star empowers us so much that one day, we replace that star?

These are the basic questions (or common sense stuff) which we need to ask ourselves and to the glamorous world which fascinates us every now and then. Every now and then we see some star sparkling up in the sky and creating some hazy and blurry picture in front of us. Its upto "us" - to wipe out the hazy picture and see the reality. And when the real picture stands in front of us - open, naked and unhidden - then we get answers to our "To be or not to be"!!

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