Monday, September 25, 2006

Get something to show others!!

We all may be lying into different professions - engineer, doctor, CA, lawyer, banker, etc, etc. And within our own profession, different people have a different interests, and hence different career tracks - like a software engineer may be a programmer, another may be a designer, someone else may be a tester, and the list goes on.

But when we all meet together in some party or go outskirts for some picnic or we have gettogether with our old school/college friends, what is aspect of our personality is admired by others? Is it just how success in professional life? Or is it what we do other than our professional life? You will surely agree that its our hobbies and interests that are admired by other people. Talent is a gift given to human-beings and it must be embellished.

Its my observation that people who take time for hobbies and interests go well even in their career. OR even if they don't sparkle very much in their career, its their extracuricular activities which makes them feel satisfied and which is noted by others and appreciated. In my college life (I was in an engineering college) their were many people who had different talents. They were appreciated more than the other book-worms, who had nother business than running after marks, marks, and only marks.

If you ask me what makes a genius? I would say,"You are a genius when things come out from your heart and mind naturally, without exercising much brutal force" If a scholar gains good marks in exams, for which he may have to give up all his other activities and if another scholar gains the same success by managing his other activities and interests, then surely theirs something wrong in the process followed by the former.

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