Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My First Campus Interview!

On 26th and 27th of Jun '06, KPIT Cummins GBS had come to our college for campus selection. Like KPIT, many other companies had also visited KKWagh, prominent amongst them were Atos, PSPL and IFS for BE-CompSci branch. But KPIT was the first company for which I tried for campus, because in the whole year I didn't even think of placement. Reason being, most of the companies demanded aggregate First Class and also because I didn't want these placement worries to disturb me and loose my focus on studies.

In KPIT selection, the first round was of Group Discussion. I got selected in it. Like me there were many who easily made their way through first round. The next was a 'so-called' technical test. I purposely use the word 'so-called' because we were given the answer papers in our hands and later the person in-charge enquired something to a person from computer-staff and said to us, "You people didn't have any English subject in your degree course and hence you need to write an essay for 15 minutes on the topic: Is corrpution necessary for progress?" And perhaps it was because of this that many people may have been rejected at the second round. REASON: They wanted to test people's knowledge in English! And person like me wasn't selected 'cause even-though I knew English, I said its left to you to decide whether its necessary for your progress. Haah!! Great!! Remarkable example of how just some non-technical stuff rejects you from some technical test!

And after the essay writing, we were given question papers. Question Papers were of 3 types. First was on client/server, web, COM, VB6, ActiveX, VB.Net. Second was on Unix and Networks. Third was on SQL, Crystal Reports, DBMS, OLAP. I had opted for the second type (Unix and Networks) In Unix, questions were: Difference between Unix/Linux; Names of developers of Unix; command for renaming file; command for checking system configuration; how to add printer; who developed Linux kernel? In Networks, questions were: Color coding for wires; what is domain name; what is workgroup; function of router; OSI model; which cable used for LAN connection? All these were subjective questions. They were not MCQs.

I am still mystified that on which grounds I was rejected from KPIT. Whether it was in essay-writing or in technical-test, I don't know. The following day were the next rounds of extempore and final 2/3 hours technical tests. Through extempore, from our branch, only few girls were selected. And later on how many made through the final 3 hour technical test, I don't know, just heard that girls sitting in the room were all saying the test was really tough.

Well, that was all the report of my first campus interview. Even throughout the interview, my two days were all spent in discussing,"How to make our future?" with my friends. Those who had the MBA/CAT/CET stuff fixed in their minds, had already joined classes in Pune. Few had joined GRE classes. While others like me, who weren't interested in spending our lives in reading big novels and wanted to make a name in the harsh world, had decided to struggle for job.

In cities like Pune, Infosys/Satyam conduct campuses where there are thousands like us. People from all over India flock there. And then to make a place for oneself, one needs to crack all the tough rounds of 'apti and pi'. Those who get jobs early get a head-start, 'cause they start earning for themselves, making their parents happy. Others who don't, have to roam all over the city for interviews. And then return back to their rooms. Days turn into months. And when you remain jobless, at one end you spend money in travelling and house rent and at the other end, your parents' money gets wasted. And thats a tough situation. Prolonged joblessness builds frustration in you. And later makes you feel hopeless and inconfident.

In such a situation, even a call-centre job satifies you. 'Cause the natural law is, man tries first for a job of his interest and satisfaction. But when he doesn't get one, then he goes for the uninterested ones, just to have some source of income. Thats the reality. Real world is harsh and wild!! No-one cares who you are or what you do! You are just an ordinary worker like many others! Come to work, do your work, get business for the company, get your salary and get lost !! Thats the law of the real world!!

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