Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Nagpur Trip...

On the 4th,5th and 6th of March 2006, I was at Nagpur with my friend
Neeraj. This was my second visit to the city after 12 long-years!!
Nagpur had changed a lot since my last visit.

Basically, we had gone for a National-Level Technical Symposium at the
"RamdeoBaba College of Enginering,Nagpur". The college was situated on
the Ramdeo Tekdi at Gittikhadan, Nagpur. The college had a huge campus,
occupying acres of land, with many buildings and each building
dedicated to 'one' department. The details of the college can be found at:

The Technical Symposium
(known as TechnoVision-2006, link:
consisted of many events: TechGallore, TechCode, TechCzar, TechXegis
etc..etc. We participated in 'TechGallore', which was a Project Competition,
where participants had to explain their projects (developed before) to the
judges and prizes were to be given for the Top-2 Projects which the judges
give maximum points.

Although we didn't bag any prizes, the experience was more important to
us than anything. For those who don't know, my project is developing a
Framework, which we call as 'Communication Framework', meant for
developing Network Protocols like USS,TCP,FTP. At the time I am writing
this blog, this Framework has been developed so as to successfully
implement the USS Protocol. The other popular ones like TCP,FTP, are
yet to be tried. Speaking at the grass-root-level, to understand our
project, you need to be OO-literate. If you happen to be amongst those
people who use terms like frameworks, design-patterns, MVC, cleanliness,
scalability, extensibility, etc at the design-level and stress more on
the interfaces/abstract classes and their 'organization' at the code
level; then it will hardly take 15 minutes for you to understand this
project. But if you are unfamiliar, I'll need to spend first 45-minutes
explaining you what frameworks are, what design-patterns are, how to
analyze a framework project, and then move towards explanation of the
actual project in 10-15 minutes. And that's exactly what we did at
Nagpur. We went over to explain OO to the judges on the paper first and
then gave 10-15 minutes for demonstrating the actual project.

There was a judge who would constantly ask us to 'run' the project and
had no interest in our OO-explanation. That was natural since he
happened to be a professor at some college in Amravati University and
didn't have any industrial-experience. While the other one from
"Lambent Technologies Ltd" listened to our explanation with
full-attention and came up with remarks like,"This is a complex-project
and you people have put in tremendous efforts in developing such a
complex product. No other project here happens to be so complex." And
that was a natural remark as per my expectations
(REASON: all the other projects in that room were just 'applications'
and ours was the only 'framework'!!)

Other than the one from Lambard, the other person whom we explained our
project was a Project Leader from Maya Software (the one we use for
animations) She had done here PG (I don't know the course name, whether
MS or MBA) from an American University and had also worked in Microsoft
for a few-years. She was actually an ex-student of the same college
(SRKNEC). She wasn't a judge, yet, was eager in knowing our project and
happened to be the only person who undersood our framework and
design-patterns (especially the MVC that I used to develop the
Swing-Tables and Text-boxes) very-well. Due to shortage of time, we had
to culminate our explanation, yet she asked us to continue working on
the framework and asked us to contact her for further support.

Apart from the Project Competition, there were events like Paper
Presentation, Best-CEO contest (a management contest), Programming
Contests and much more. Also, every evening we could enjoy a movie in
the open-theatre inside the college campus. One was a Jim-Carrey movie
and the other was a horror-one.

We didn't need to worry about accomodation and food at all 'cause the
college had taken care of everything in their hostels. The food was
spicy and delicious having paneer, rotis, puris, dals and even
sweets-dishes. Regarding accomodation and food facilities, the
organizers deserved full-marks.

Apart from this, there were speeches, lectures and seminars organized
during the inaugaral as well as the closing ceremony. Professors from
IITs were called to enlighten us. The one which I liked and will always
remember was by the "Director of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of
Management, Gandhinagar, Gujarat". I will speak more about his speech
in a separate blog.

Before closing, I would comment about what I liked in Nagpur. The one
place which I enjoyed the most and would prefer to go first, the next
time I step in Nagpur, is The Haldiram Bhujiawala's "Planet Food"
located at SitaBardi. If you ask me about the taste, quantity, quality
and price at this Restaurant, I'd say, it not only beats the
Mc'Donalds; but its also worth any restaurant/cafe in Paris, London,
Las-Vegas, you always see in your dreams and die for. Here you get to
taste the Real-Indian-Taste!!


Mukul Lanke

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shaiksphere said...

Hi Mukul

I am Hussain Ali, the In Charge of the Tech Code event of Technovision 2006. Your blog just popped up when I was searching something on the google. I must admit, you description of our event was commendable. From my team I wish to extend my gratitudes. All the Best